Do you have a very large tree on your property that has a potential risk of falling on your home? It could be due to it leaning sideways or from recent storm damage, which now requires that it be removed. Cutting down a large tree is not going to be easy, and can be done using the following techniques.


A common technique used for large tree removal is felling. It will involve making some strategic cuts to the tree's trunk so that it falls in a specific direction. This is something that requires the help of a tree removal company because you want to make sure that the tree falls to the intended spot on the ground and not on your house.

It starts by making an assessment of the tree's health, how it is leaning, and any surrounding structure that can be damaged if the tree fell incorrectly. The area surrounding the tree will then be cleared to make sure that nothing will be damaged that can easily be moved. 

A series of cuts will be made to create a notch in the tree. The notch is quite big since it will be the main cut that controls the fall. A hinge cut is then made on the opposite side of the tree slightly above the first notch. As the name implies, this creates a hinge that helps the tree fall in the desired direction. A final cut is then made on the opposite side of the notch to bring the tree down as intended.

Crane-Assisted Removal

If felling will not work to remove a large tree, then a crane-assisted removal can be done to make sure that the tree is removed safely. The tree will be removed in sections, with the crane safely lifting the section off the tree and lowering it to the ground to minimize damage to the surrounding area. 

An arborist will start by limbing the tree, which is the process of removing branches systematically. They'll typically start at the bottom of the tree and work upward so that each branch can fall to the ground. With the limbs gone, the trunk can be removed in small sections. The crane will then control the removal of the trunk.

Think you're ready to have a large tree removed from your property? Call a tree removal service in your area for assistance with this difficult task.