As much as you love your trees, you might need to have one or more of them removed. Whether a tree needs to be removed because it's dead, obstructive, or potentially dangerous, tree removal experts can be hired to do the job.

You may be worried about having a tree removed because of the possible damage that it could do to your property when the tree is being cut down, but knowledgeable experts always take the right precautions. Here are a few things that tree removal professionals often do to minimize the risks that are sometimes associated with cutting down trees. 

Use the Proper Tools

Certain tools are needed to remove a tree correctly, and the top-rated tree removal professionals always have these items on hand. When you hire tree removal experts, they'll be sure to bring:

  • Appropriately sized chainsaws
  • Axes
  • Wedges
  • Hatchets
  • Hand saws
  • Tree loppers
  • Wood chippers

Cut Certain Branches

Not all branches need to be cut before a tree is removed, but cutting certain branches can make the tree removal process easier and safer. Trees can fall into smaller spaces easier and are less likely to damage other trees or nearby structures if more branches are removed in advance. Tree removal experts often make a point to cut longer and thicker branches before removing the rest of the tree.

Predict Where the Tree Will Fall

The most knowledgeable tree removal experts can predict where a tree will fall with great accuracy, and work will be done in advance to clear the area where the tree is expected to fall so that nothing gets damaged. The fall direction is usually easier to predict for trees that are already leaning, but experts can also make educated guesses based on the tree's size, weight, and type along with the sounds that the tree makes before it collapses.

Designate a Staging Area

Professionals will set up a staging area where the tree will be processed safely after it has been removed from its roots. Cranes and bucket trucks may be kept in this area to help manage the removal of tall trees, and a wood chipper can also be used to reduce the downed tree to green waste and mulch.

Remove the Stump

After the tree has been cut down, the tree removal professionals can remove the leftover stump by either digging it out of the ground or grinding it. By having the stump removed, you can save your property from root damage that could still occur if roots from the stump continue to grow. Removing the stump also reduces pests and tripping hazards.

Cutting down a tree shouldn't have to be a dangerous ordeal.

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