Trees that drop fruit, ornamental or edible, can be a messy addition to your landscaping. The fruit fall can stain sidewalks, coat parked cars, and attract unwanted pests to the yard. There are a few ways you can deal with a messy tree so it won't be a problem anymore. 

1. Mulch Zones

You can make the mess of fruit fall easier to deal with by installing an easy-to-clean mulch zone around the tree during the fruit-drop season. Simply remove the turf that lies underneath the overhead branches, then replace it with a deep layer of mulch. When fruit drops, a tarp can be laid over the mulch zone without any worries about killing the lawn beneath. Empty the tarp into the garbage or compost periodically so the fruit doesn't accumulate.

2. Tree Relocation

Sometimes the main problem is that the fruit falls directly onto your patio or splats on your car windshield, leaving a mess that is hard to clean up. If the tree is relatively young and the root system isn't yet too extensive, it may be possible to move the tree to a better area of the landscaping. Messy trees are best situated well away from any structures or high-traffic areas, such as along the fence line at the rear of the house. 

3. Flower Pruning

There will be little fruit if there are no flowers. Trimming the tree a bit later in the spring, after the buds form but before they begin to bloom, can reduce the amount of fruit produced. If you like the flowers, then plan a quick trim right after blooming so that the pollinated flowers are removed before the fruit begins to grow. This may not eliminate fruiting, but it can greatly reduce it.

4. Population Reduction

Multiple trees can be the real problem. If you have more than one messy tree on your property, consider removing a few of them so there are fewer to deal with. For trees that require another tree for pollination, removing all but one of the trees may prevent fruit from growing completely. When removing trees, keep only the ones that are located in a place where the mess will be less of a problem.

5. Tree Removal

Finally, if the above doesn't solve the problem, then it may simply be time to completely remove the tree. A tree service can help you remove the tree, and they may be able to advise you on a less-messy alternative to plant in its place.

Contact a tree service and removal company if you need help managing a messy tree on your property.