A green and lush garden is the pride of any homeowner, but proper pruning is essential to keep your outdoors looking healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, many inexperienced homeowners make costly mistakes when pruning their trees, causing irreparable damage. Consulting an arborist can help you avoid these common mistakes and improve the aesthetic view of your garden. Here are four common tree-pruning mistakes homeowners make and how an arborist can help:

Pruning at the Wrong Time of Year

Proper timing is key as it decides the health of your tree. Pruning during the wrong time can damage its growth and open up areas for pests and diseases to enter. An arborist can help you time your pruning correctly and ensure it gets enough time to heal. The professional can also assess the species, decide on the time, and do proper pruning, which helps ensure healthy trees.

Removing Too Much Foliage

When pruning, it is easy to get carried away and remove too much foliage, which can reduce the lifespan and hurt the tree's overall health. It can also create worse problems like sunburn or windburn. A professional can guide you on how much foliage to remove and when. They can also advise on trimming techniques that do not cause any damage.

Cutting the Branches Too Short

Cutting the branches at the ideal length is important. If the branches are cut too short, they can cause wounds that can't heal due to the lack of live tissue. Consulting a professional can ensure the branches are cut at the correct length. The professional can also inspect prior wounds to ensure they aren't too deep while offering advice on how to cover them.

Not Removing Dead or Diseased Branches

Removing dead and diseased branches as the first step of pruning is essential. A professional can help you identify the dead and diseased branches, determine their seriousness and decide on the ideal time for removal. They can also take note of any other issues and take the necessary steps to prevent further damage.

No matter how experienced you are, consulting an arborist is an ideal way to ensure the proper care of your trees. Professionals can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the safety of your trees. They can also advise on how to prune correctly, ensuring your trees stay healthy for years. Contact a local tree pruning service provider today and enjoy a lush garden.