Redbuds are often used as ornamental landscaping trees because their bright pink or purple flowers in the spring make them stand out. Like all trees, redbuds require regular pruning to stay healthy and look good. 

If you own a home with redbud trees, it's important to prune and trim them regularly. Here are six tips for you to do so successfully.

Tip #1: Timing is Everything

The best time to trim a redbud tree is when it is still dormant in winter or early spring. The branches are easier to see and access once the tree has lost its leaves. Trimming during the dormant season also enables the tree to rest and heal before the growing season.

Tip #2: Know When to Prune

It's crucial to understand what to prune on a redbud tree. Remove any branches crossing or rubbing against each other and any that are dead, diseased, or damaged. In order to prevent the tree from becoming congested and unhealthy, it is also crucial to cut back any branches that are growing toward the tree's center.

Tip #3: Use Proper Tools

To prune a redbud tree well, you'll need a good set of sharp pruning shears, loppers, and a pruning saw. Keep your tools well-maintained and sharpened to avoid accidentally harming the tree when cutting it.

Tip #4: Cut at the Right Angle

It's crucial to prune a redbud tree cleanly, precisely, and at the proper angle. Always prune branches just above the branch collar at the slight swell where the branch meets the trunk. Always make right-angle cuts. Cutting at the right angle will promote faster healing and help keep illnesses from spreading to the tree.

Tip #5: Don't Go Overboard

A redbud tree shouldn't be over-pruned. A redbud tree can get stressed and die if too many branches are trimmed off all at once. No more than a quarter of the tree's canopy should be removed at once. Spread out the trimming across multiple seasons if more has to be removed.

Tip #6: Hire a Professional

Lastly, hiring a professional tree service to trim your redbud is recommended if you're not confident doing it yourself. Professionals who take care of trees know how to prune different kinds of trees, including redbuds, in a safe and effective way. They will also tell you how to keep your tree healthy and looking good and help you figure out if there are any issues.

For more information about tree care for your yard, reach out to a local service.