If you live in a region that experiences severe storms, you will want to stay indoors to keep yourself safe. But what happens to outdoor elements like your driveway, power lines, or trees? Winter storms can cause roads to be impassable, damage power lines, and weaken trees. Therefore, you will need to examine your outdoors to determine elements that need repairs or trees that need to be cut down to restore your home's safety. But how can you tell whether your trees can be restored or removing them is the right solution? Below are a few signs of storm damage that call for emergency tree removal services.

1. The Tree Is Leaning

Heavy rains can cause the soil around the trees to be too wet to provide enough stability to the tree's roots. So, when strong winds accompany these rains, your trees can start leaning. When this happens, it is important to call professional arborists to examine the tree immediately. That's because a leaning tree is a safety risk. For instance, such trees can easily fall on your house, causing serious damage, or fall on people accessing your backyard, exposing them to serious injuries. Fortunately, tree removal companies can determine the best way to remove the tree without injuring or damaging your loved ones or property.

2. The Trunk Is Split Up

Sometimes, frost, low temperatures, lightning, and heavy snow loads during storms, can cause a tree trunk to develop serious cracks or split. Unfortunately, tree trunk splits are not easy to fix, and it is unlikely that the tree will recover from such damage. Moreover, a splint trunk is vulnerable to diseases and insect or mold infestations. Therefore, professional tree removal is the best solution in such cases.

3. There Is Serious Damage to Tree Branches

It is not unusual to find small branches on the ground after a severe storm. But what if you notice that many tree branches have fallen or the major limbs have experienced serious damage? Then there is cause for alarm since such serious issues can significantly affect the trees' balance, symmetry, and stability. Consequently, the tree may easily break off and fall when least expected, causing serious injuries and damage. Fortunately, you can avoid such risks by hiring tree removal experts once you notice serious branch damage.

Issues such as a split trunk, significant branch damage, and leaning require immediate tree removal to minimize safety risks. However, it is not easy to determine if you can save your tree after a storm or if removing it is the best option unless you are an experienced arborist. Therefore, you need tree experts after a storm to analyze your trees' condition and whether you need tree removal services.

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.