When a tree needs to be removed from your yard, how it is cut and taken down typically requires specific equipment and skills to ensure the process is safe. Hiring a tree removal service to cut and remove a tree near a house or other structures is the best solution in most cases. 

Assessing The Tree

Before cutting any tree on your property, it is essential to determine how to remove it without hitting any power lines, structures, or other items on the ground. Older trees that are no longer healthy and need to be removed may be large and require the tree to come down in pieces.

Cutting the tree from the top allows control of the sections from the time the trunk is cut until it is sitting on the ground. The tree removal service will assess the tree carefully before they remove any part of it, but they may have to trim some of the branches to get a good look at the truck and how the tree is leaning or positioned.

If the tree has a lean that is not accounted for, it could cause the truck to fall the wrong way, hitting a structure or other item on the way down. The solution is to control the tree with a rope or a crane to ensure that does not happen and the process goes smoothly. 

Cranes For Tree Removal

When a tree is in a tight spot, and the tree removal service has concerns about how it will come down, they may opt to use a crane and lift it instead of dropping the tree. The process involves positioning a crane over the tree and securing it, then cutting below the cable while the crane supports the weight.

Once the tree is cut, the crane operator can lift the tree section up and swing it away from obstacles. A guide rope may also be necessary on the trunk to help control swinging as the crane operator lifts the tree away from the house or other structure.

Extremely tall trees are often cut in this way because the sections have too far to fall to ensure they drop precisely where they need to. The crane operator needs to be proficient with his machine, and when done correctly, the tree cutter and the crane operator can take a large tree down very quickly.

Once the tree sections are on the ground, the tree removal service can cut them up and move them around, leaving the wood for you, or chipping it all and removing everything from the property. If you are planning to keep the wood for firewood or some other use, let the tree service know so they don't cut all of it and leave it where it is accessible but not in the way.

To have your trees inspected for removal, contact a tree removal service in your area.