Having an out-of-control tree in your yard can be a stressful experience. Trees become more trouble than they are worth when they start encroaching on neighbors' spaces, when sick, and when damaged by storms and other calamities. Sometimes, having a weak and damaged tree in your yard might feel like a time bomb. It is good to remove the tree before the worst happens, but you should also be careful about the safety of the process. Here are three safety risks associated with DIY tree removal and why you should avoid it. 

Risky Chainsaw Handling

Most people think they can cut any tree because they know how to turn on a power saw and run it. However, it takes a lot of practice to cut a tree using a chainsaw. Professionals understand the angles at which they should cut into a tree if they want it to fall in a specific direction. They also understand the weight distribution of the tree and how it is likely to shift when cut at a certain point. You might not know these things, which could lead to the tree falling on a different path from the one you have in mind. There is also the risk of the chainsaw jerking and kicking back towards the user. When there is a nail or other item on the tree, the saw can become unpredictable and cause serious injuries. 

Poor Calculations

Most people know that a tree will follow a path when falling after a cut. Depending on its length, they also know how far it might fall once they cut it. However, very few people can make a precise calculation unless they are experts in tree removal. These miscalculations lead to the trees falling onto the neighbor's property and damaging it. They also lead to accidents that can turn fatal if the tree falls in the wrong direction and you have no escape route. A professional knows how to mitigate these risks to avoid causing damage and loss. 

Improper Use of Tools

Using the wrong tools in the tree cutting process often leads to accidents you might not have anticipated. For example, a dull chainsaw will be challenging to use when cutting the tree. Few people also consider wearing the ideal safety gear when removing trees, which leads to accidents. 

Cutting a tree safely and successfully needs the training and experience of an arborist. Consult a tree removal service to learn more.