If you want to care for the trees growing in your yard, you might want to learn about tree trimming. Trees offer many benefits like improving aesthetic appeal and providing shade during hot months. However, you need proper tree care to reap the full benefits of having trees on your property. So, when should you hire tree specialists to trim your trees? Read on to discover signs it is time to call the arborists.

1. Broken Branches

After a heavy storm or downpour, you might come across broken branches on the ground. They tell you that the storm caused damage to the trees and needs to be inspected immediately. It is the right time to schedule tree trimming to prevent other branches from breaking and causing injuries.

The arborist will trim any damaged trees that could be hanging loosely. Removing damaged branches improves safety on your property and protects your family and pets.

2. Dead Branches

You might notice that some of your tree branches don't produce leaves, flowers, and fruits even during the blooming season. The branches might have different colors and textures, making them stand out. This indicates the branches might be dead and are best removed by specialists. Therefore, call the arborist to confirm your suspicions and trim the dead branches. You could extend your tree's lifespan by simply eliminating the dead branches.

3. Heavy Leaf and Branch Density

Thick canopies are known to encourage the fast spread of fungal diseases. They also minimize seamless airflow and sunlight penetration, threatening the tree's health. Heavy leaf and branch density also distort the general shape and appeal of the tree. Experts recommend tree trimming if you find that your trees are too dense since they could be more harmful than beneficial.

Professional tree trimming will reduce the density of the canopy to allow maximum sunlight penetration. You will also have a chance to improve tree structures and boost curb appeal.

4. Diseased Limbs

Trees contract diseases and finally die if not addressed on time. The only solution to a severely diseased tree is removing it. However, you need to act quickly to save the tree from the disease. Tree trimming removes all diseased branches to keep the tree safe. You can avoid premature tree removal by simply trimming the diseased parts.

If you wonder when to call the professionals for tree trimming, you now have the answers. Watch out for these warning signs to help you determine the right time to call a tree care specialist.