Trees have extraordinary protective abilities that help them beat unfavorable environmental conditions. For example, they exfoliate to minimize the effects of drought. In addition, they produce bad-tasting compounds meant to repel insects. 

Yet, they are still susceptible to death. Some of the factors that can kill the trees in your yard include the following: 

Harsh Surrounding Conditions

The environment where you've planted your trees significantly determines their health. For instance, you cannot plant a tree sensitive to drought in a dry area. Factors affecting tree growth include salty soil, thick soil that does not drain well, too much sun, poor ventilation, and soil pollution. 

Therefore, you should frequently check the environment of your trees to ensure it is favorable for their health. In addition, be well-educated about which trees thrive best in your area before purchasing the seedlings. And more importantly, consult an arborist about ideal tree growth conditions. 

Attacks from Diseases and Pests

Diseases like chestnut blight are dangerous and can wipe out an entire grove. Others like oak wilt eat through the leaves, roots, and vascular system, eventually killing the plant. And worse still, insects target sick trees, searching for food and nesting places. As a result, they spread the disease to nearby trees. 

Pests also eat away the tree covering, exposing the internal parts to infection. Because of that, it is crucial to call for tree removal services if you notice diseased or dying trees in your grove.

After a Catastrophe

Catastrophic events such as tornados and fires can leave your trees weak and vulnerable to insect attacks. In addition, extreme snow tends to exert excessive weight on the limbs leading to breakage. Heavy floods that go on for days also deplete oxygen levels from your trees, and a prolonged dry spell will kill your trees due to lack of water. Therefore, you will likely need tree removal services after such events.

Your Trees Are Old

If your trees survive the factors mentioned above, they will still go through a slow death that comes with aging. Sometimes, leaves may still sprout in an effort of salvaging what is left. But the tree might be too old to sustain new life. And even if smaller trees spring up from the tree, they will be weak and stunted in growth. In the end, the additional growth only adds up to the weight of the dying tree, making it riskier.

A dead or diseased tree does not add aesthetic or functional value to your home. Besides, it could affect healthy trees in the yard. Therefore, you should call for tree removal services to eliminate such trees. Contact a tree service in your area if you have additional questions.