Garden beds can be one of the most beautiful elements of a landscape design. But when fall comes, you need to make sure they get the maintenance they require. Taking the time to maintain your garden beds in the fall — or hiring a landscape company to do so — will not only ensure the gardens come back healthy and strong next spring, but also many springs after that. So, without further ado, here are the key maintenance tasks to complete in your garden beds in the fall.

Cut Back Perennials

In the fall, perennial flowers and bushes should be cut back until there's only a few inches of green left above the soil. This keeps the cold, harsh weather from harming the plants. You can use pruning shears to do this — or if you're in a pinch and the stems are thin, kitchen shears.

Trim Flowering Bushes

Most bushes should be trimmed in the spring or late winter, but if you have any flowering bushes in your garden beds, fall is the time to trim them. First, remove any old growth or dead branches. Then, if there are branches that interfere with the usual shape of the bush, trim those away, too. Just make sure that you always remove whole branches. Do not just snip the ends off, as this damages the bush's future growth.

Plant Spring Bulbs

If you have any bulbs to plant, then stick them in the soil in the fall. They will grow and bloom in the spring after spending a winter outside. Make sure you plant the bulbs with the pointed end facing up. Generally, you want at least three inches of lightly packed soil on top of each bulb. Put little sticks in the ground so you can remember where you planted each bulb.

Add More Mulch

Mulching is usually thought of as a springtime maintenance task, but there are benefits to adding a new layer in the fall as well. The extra mulch will help insulate and protect your plants. If you have wood mulch, another inch or two on top of your existing mulch should do the trick. 

If you complete these maintenance tasks each fall, your garden beds should stay in great shape. Make sure you contact a landscaping company if you find that maintaining your garden beds is too much for you. They can complete these tasks rather quickly and easily.

For more information about landscape maintenance, contact a landscaping company in your area.