There may be various problems with the trees in your landscaping that you have to deal with this summer. Sometimes, the trees can be damaged, or insects can infest your landscaping. These issues can be the beginning of serious problems that you are going to have to deal with. The following summer tree services will help you with these problems in your landscaping:

Storm Damage to Tree Canopies

The tree canopies are a vulnerable area of your property that can be affected by storms. When storm damage causes problems with the tree canopies, you will need professional help. A tree service can help with the evaluation of the damage and recommend solutions to save the trees. They can trim the canopy to remove the damaged branches and promote healthy new growth to come in.

Insect and Disease Infestations

The warm weather also causes insects to become more active, affecting the trees in your landscaping. Some insects will nest in and infest trees, where they cause severe damage. Therefore, you will want to have the insect problems in trees taken care of before they grow out of control. There are certain insects that can cause serious damage to trees, such as termites, ants, and beetles. Therefore, you may need to have affected growth removed and your landscaping treated to contain these problems before they grow.

Removing Unhealthy New Growth

The tree canopy can also be affected by unhealthy growth. These can be problems that start with the growth that sprouts in awkward areas. This can lead to issues with the unhealthy canopy shapes that can make your trees more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, there may be times when you need to have the unhealthy growth removed. The tree service will remove the unhealthy growth and shape the canopy to ensure it grows back healthier.

Trimming to Deal with Potential Hazards

The trees may also need trimming during the summer months, which is outside of the normal pruning. Trimming is needed to deal with specific problems and hazards before they cause bigger problems. You want to trim your trees to remove overgrown branches and vulnerable growth. You can also trim the trees to help promote healthier growth. This will ensure the trees on your property are strong and resistant to insects or disease infestations.

The summer tree services will ensure your landscaping stays healthy throughout the year. Contact a tree service for help with these problems during the summer heat.