After buying a home and getting the keys, you may be putting work into updating the home before moving in. While the home's appearance and functionality on the inside could be fine, you might want to determine whether there is anything that you can do with the outside of the house.

A sizable front yard tree that improves curb appeal may seem like an ideal feature to enjoy for many years, but there are a few reasons that you should consider removing this kind of tree.

Potential Damage

As soon as you get the keys, you should consider doing everything that you can to minimize damage to the house. This means looking at the front yard tree to find out whether it could cause any damage to any part of the property. When the branches grow far enough, you may find them getting rather close to your home's exterior, especially the protruding gutter system. Tree removal services are worth considering when you know that it would remove the chance of gutter damage.

A tree can cause damage to a property in other ways such as the roots reaching the driveway, sidewalk, or pathway to the front of the home. Keeping the roots away is not a reliable solution, which means your best bet is removing the tree as it will help you avoid paving repairs later.

Injury Risk

While most trees are safe to play around, you may find out after an inspection that your front yard tree is known to have weak branches that could cause harm upon falling. In this case, you could wait several months while giving the tree the better care, but ultimately it could prove safest to follow through with removal, especially if you still notice several branches on the ground over time.

If the branches are in the front yard and not anywhere near the paved areas, then another option would be to pass up on removal and just let your children know not to play in that particular space.


Debris that comes from trees is normally something that you may find manageable, but it could get out of hand if the debris comes from all sorts of things such as flowers, leaves, and berries. Trying to maintain a clean driveway, sidewalk, and walkway to your front door may require constant effort, so you can look forward to considerable time savings after you get tree removal.

Removing a front yard tree may not be something that you want to do, but you will benefit from considering the idea when you find out that it can lead to certain problems.