All it may take is a quick look at your backyard to realize that it is not designed in a way to handle rain well. This may be something that you want to fix because you may know that puddling water can lead to various problems for your landscape and house depending on where the water buildup is located. Hiring landscapers is a smart move that will help you make improvements.


One of the most impactful things that you can do for your backyard is investing in resloping. This will make it so that any time it rains, you will not need to worry about water building up in areas where it can cause notable damage. For instance, one of the biggest offenders is when rain leads to major puddles by the foundation of the home, which can turn into foundation damage.

With proper resloping and a working gutter system, you can look forward to rainfall not causing an issue with the foundation because water will be pushed away from your house. You can even invest in resloping to help with water buildup in other areas such as the patio and garden. It makes sense to keep water from puddling up in areas where you would like to spend time.


An excellent way to handle rain better is by growing certain trees, especially ones that are tolerant of flood conditions. This kind of tree will allow for heavy downpours without risking the tree's health because it will continually soak up water over time. You may want to prioritize trees that demand a lot of water since you will be able to rely on it to minimize rainwater buildup.


When it is raining outside, you may expect the entire yard to be covered in water. This makes it worth growing grass or groundcover plants that can soak up water effectively. If you are not set on having a grass lawn, you should be able to find a handful of groundcover plants that are effective at soaking up rainwater, especially when you compare it to common types of grass.

You will find that using real grass or plants is often better than mulch or turf because they will help you to soak up water as opposed to having to redirect the water to avoid puddling.

Hiring professional landscapers is the way to go when you want to improve your backyard's ability to handle rain. Contact a company like Greatland Tree Service for more information.