Trees are revered, feared, and honored in the lore of different cultures and countries. Without really understanding what trees actually do for people, it is interesting to note that ancient peoples treated them with respect, even when they were removing them from paths and places of construction. Removing a tree today is almost as magical, considering the lengthy process itself. There are two ways to do this, depending on your desire to either preserve the tree, or kill it entirely. 

Full Tree Removal Service Via Relocation

In this approach to tree removal, you have no desire to kill the tree. So, you request that the tree removal service remove it, roots and all, from your property in one scoop. To do that, the crew digs away at the roots, exposing almost all of them. The tap root, which is the main root of the tree, is the most difficult of all roots because it travels straight down underneath the center of the tree.

The majority of this root has to be exposed before heavy duty equipment can pull the tree from the ground. Once the tree is successfully pulled out of the ground with its roots intact, it can be relocated to either another part of your yard, or taken and sold to someone else who wants the tree. Thus, it is relocated and remains healthy and alive. 

Full Tree Removal Via Destruction

Maybe the tree is not healthy. Maybe it is growing at a very awkward and leaning angle. If either of this situations apply, the tree may need to be removed by cutting it down instead of relocating it. The crew will first "de-crown" it by removing all of the existing leaves, which are the tree's main means of collecting sunlight to create food. Then the top of the tree and all of the limbs are cut off, usually using a chainsaw. It will look like a giant toothpick stuck in the ground at this point. 

Next, the crew will begin at either the top, slicing it down little by little, if it is an especially tall tree. If cutting it down at the base of the tree will not cause damage to property, then the crew will cut the tree down at its base, using different means and techniques to guide the fall of the tree. Once the trunk is down, it will be sliced, chopped, and hauled away. The stump left behind will be ground down by a stump grinder into sawdust, and the roots left in the ground will gradually rot away. 

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