Budding leaves and singing birds often signal the beginning of the spring season. Homeowners invest a lot of time and energy in spring to helping their landscape recover from the rigors of winter. Since mature trees play an important role in the appearance of residential landscapes, properly caring for these trees is essential.

Pruning is a tool used to help improve the health and appearance of trees. Pruning at the wrong time could cause irreparable damage. Trees can be vulnerable as they emerge from dormancy in the spring, so pruning should be limited to prevent problems with your tree in the future.

Prune Trees for Safety

As beautiful as mature trees are, they can also pose a risk to the safety of your family and your property. Pruning is an effective way to ensure that your trees remain safe at all times.

Spring is a great time to evaluate the structure of your tree. If you see any dead branches, these should be removed through pruning so they don't fall unexpectedly to the ground.

You should also check for evidence of dying or decaying branches in the springtime. This can be done by removing smaller twigs from each branch and snapping them in half. If the interior of the twigs is bright green, the branch is healthy. If the interior of the twigs is brown or black, the branch is dying and should be pruned away from the rest of the tree to prevent the spread of decay.

Prune Trees for Aesthetic Value

An overgrown tree can become an eyesore in your home's landscape. Trees that are not maintained properly can crowd your walkways, overtake smaller plants, and damage the roof or siding on your home.

All tree species have a natural form that can be enhanced and controlled through proper pruning techniques. An experienced arborist will be able to assess the health and shape of your mature trees to determine if aesthetic pruning is necessary.

This type of pruning causes minimal damage to your trees and can result in a more polished and manicured look for your home's landscape.

Spring pruning should be done only by a professional. It is easy to cause irreparable damage by over-pruning trees in the spring since mature trees are just beginning to emerge from their winter dormancy. An experienced arborist will be able to assess the safety and aesthetic of your trees, and complete spring pruning that enhances the natural beauty of your landscape.

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