If you have a tree in your yard that's in the way of a pool or patio you plan to build, you'll need to have it removed. However, that doesn't always mean you have to kill it. It might be possible to move the tree to another location in your yard, save the tree, and keep a valuable tree on your property. Moving is stressful for a tree, so you'll need the help of a tree care company to help the tree survive the process and to move it safely. Here are some things to know.

Have The Tree Inspected

A tree has to be a good candidate for moving, or it isn't worth the expense and effort. Have a tree care expert inspect the tree to determine if it can be moved. Some things that affect the decision include the size of the tree, type of tree, and the health of the tree. Have the tree checked out well in advance of when you need it moved because it may take months to prep the roots for the moving process. The time of year you move the tree could also be an important consideration. Moving a tree is something that needs time to prepare for rather than doing it on the spur of the moment.

Move The Tree

The process of moving a tree is a lot like transplanting a small tree except on a much larger scale. Heavy machinery is required to lift a big tree and move it to a new location. Keeping the roots damp during the move is important, so they may be wrapped in burlap and soaked with water to keep them wet. The move should be done as quickly as possible to lessen stress on the tree and to keep the roots from drying out. When the tree is in place and the soil packed in around it, it will be braced with support stakes until the roots have a chance to take hold.

Care For The Tree

When a tree is removed, the root ball is brought up with it, but the tree loses a lot of the smaller feeder roots. For that reason, it's important to water the tree deeply on a regular basis. The tree may also need watched and treated for insects and diseases since it will be stressed after the ordeal. It could take a few years for the tree to recover and appear lush and healthy. Following advice from an expert gives the best chance of survival for the tree.

Moving a tree is a big undertaking, but if you're fond of the tree, or if you don't want to lose a mature tree on your property, then it's worth the expense and effort. It may not be possible to move the tree that's in your way due to its excessive size, species, or condition, but it's an option to consider checking into if you need the space for an addition to your property.