Those beautiful trees in your yard may still look great, but they may actually need to be removed. There are a number of reasons to have a tree removed, but if you aren't sure when to have this done to your trees, then read on for some helpful information to guide you.

It's Dying

The number one reason to have mature trees removed is because it's dying. Even if it's only partially dying, if the tree is dying due to a disease, you run the risk of spreading the disease to the other trees in your yard and could end up with a lot of dead trees. If your trees have been infested with emerald ash borers, your tree may only look partially deceased, but it could be being eaten from the inside out. Once one tree becomes infected, they could all become infected as well. If you notice your tree is dying, even if it's only a few branches, have your tree inspected by a professional arborist and have your tree removed to prevent spreading the disease or infestation.

It's Roots Are Causing Damage

If the roots of your mature tree are causing damage to your home such as the foundation or to the sewer lines coming out of to your main line, it could spell disaster for you (and quite a bit of additional expense to you). If the root are causing this much damage, it may be best to have the tree removed and prevent any further damage to your home. The roots of a tree will go anywhere to find water and can penetrate piping to find it. This could cause clogs and backups in your home. Holes in your foundation or cracks could mean expensive repairs. Have the tree removed and prevent costing you even more money.

It Poses A Danger To Your Home

If your mature tree towers over your home, imagine the type of damage it could do if the tree toppled over and onto your home. The branches itself can do damage to your home, but imagine the trunk of the tree as well. How much of your home could be damaged? If the answer is extensive damage, it may be in your best interest to have the tree removed. This is especially true of very old trees, that could topple over in high winds. If you don't think the tree will fall over and onto your home, then at least have the limbs trimmed so they aren't hanging over your house. The limbs themselves can damage your house and lead pests to your home.

If you aren't sure if you should have your trees removed, use the tips above to help guide you. You can also hire a professional tree removal service, like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., to inspect your trees to help you make your decision.