Whether a storm has knocked down a tree or uprooted shrubs in your yard, you may have a lot to clean up in the days after. Having a plan of action can help to ensure you get your yard back to its original beauty while also removing any dangers caused by the severe weather. Here are some things to put on your to-do list after a storm.

Contact A Tree Service

A tree service can tackle a wide range of storm damage cleanup tasks for you, including removing downed trees, removing damaged limbs, and repairing other damage your trees and shrubs may have suffered. It's a good idea to contact a tree service even if you don't see obvious damage to your trees, as the weather could have weakened some limbs enough for them to fall off later on. Ask your tree service about disposal methods, as you may be able to have the wood from downed trees cut into firewood or turned into wood chip mulch.

Clean Up Yard Debris

Take some time to remove sticks, twigs, and smaller branches that may have fallen to the ground during the storm. You may also find other types of debris, such as litter or even broken lawn furniture, which should be cleaned up immediately. Leaving the debris in your yard can be unsightly, but it can also provide cover for animals looking to build a nest in your yard. As you clean up, take a look at plants and flowers to inspect them for damage. You may need to trim broken stems or damaged leaves to keep these plants healthy.

Check Your Drainage Systems

During a severe storm, mud, leaves, and other types of debris can block your home's drainage system. This includes gutters, downspouts, curbside drains, and storm drains. Remove the items that might be clogging your drainage system, as this will help water to be directed away from your home and yard. The better the drainage system works, the less likely you'll be to see flooding in your yard or in your home. If you notice a drain with water pooling on top and you don't see any obstructions, be sure to call a plumbing expert to have this problem taken care of.

In the event that the storm has caused a tree to damage your home, be sure to take pictures of the damage before beginning the cleanup process. These images may be needed when you file a claim with your homeowner's insurance company.