Are you a homeowner who has one or more trees growing on your property? Have you been busy getting your house ready for the winter? Depending on where you live and how much snowfall your area typically gets every year, getting ready for the winter months can sometimes be a large undertaking. But one thing that often gets neglected in winter plans is taking care of any trees. Now is a good time to trim many trees. There are several reasons why you should consider this course of action, some of which include:

Prevent winter damage: Snow will accumulate on tree branches with each winter storm until the limbs either bend enough for the snow to fall off or the limbs snap. When they fall, they can cause damage to your home or vehicle or cause injury to anyone who happens to be underneath the tree at the time. The limbs that snap and fall are often limbs that were showing signs of damage or disease during the last spring and summer season. Tree trimming services can send out professionals who can evaluate your tree and who will be able to remove the limbs that are most likely to break off, whether from snow or because of other reasons, which can prevent serious damage.

Better spring growth: Trees don't always grow evenly. Sometimes, one section will randomly sprout a limb or two that grows in the wrong direction, potentially spoiling the look of the tree. Not only are these limbs oddly placed, but they may also steal nutrients away from the more normal-looking parts of the tree. As a result, part of your tree could have vigorous growth, and part of it could look sparse and diseased. Tree trimming services will remove these limbs before they become an issue or, if they've already been an issue this past year, the limb will cause no more trouble after being removed.

Good timing: Many people hire or think about hiring tree trimming services only in the spring. Unfortunately, for many tree species, this is the worst time of year to cut them. With all of the sap flowing to the branches so that the leaves can grow, trimming, or pruning your tree in the spring can not only be a messy endeavor it can also cause damage to the tree itself. But because a tree is dormant, or is almost dormant, in the fall, pruning the tree may be much less likely to cause damage.

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