Removing a tall tree is more dangerous than removing a relatively short tree. This is mainly because the reach of a tall tree is enormous and there are high chances it may fall on sensitive infrastructure and cause damage. Here are some of the tips that may minimize the danger of removing a tall tree:

Make Sure It Has Enough Clearance

The taller a tree is the higher the risk that it will reach where it isn't supposed to reach when it falls. For example, it may fall on your neighbor's car, your house or fence, among other things. Therefore, before cutting down the tree, make sure it won't cause any injury or damage due to its wide reach.

However, this isn't always possible, so you may have to force the tree to fall in a specific direction. This isn't easy for DIY tree removers. For example, you may have to tie the tree to prevent it from falling in one direction or make specific cuts to force the tree to fall in the desired direction.

Remove Some Branches First

If the tree is both tall and wide, then it is not just its height that may cause damage; even the branches may be dangerous. Professional tree removers handle this risk by trimming away some of the branches before cutting the main branch. That way they only have a single tall trunk to deal with, and forcing the single trunk to fall in a specified direction is relatively easy than doing the same with a wide tree. Of course, this will involve climbing the tree, which makes the process dangerous and not suitable for DIY tree removers.

Have The Knowhow And Tools For Safety

A typical large tree is dangerous even if it is located in a wide space where it cannot fall on any important infrastructure. There is always the danger of injury to the tree felling crew to worry about. For example, if the top of the tree is weak and heavy, it can snap and topple over before the cutting is done. The main trunk can also split and cause injury before the felling is done. Handling such cases safely requires skill, experience and a number of safety tools, one of which is a suitable rigging system.

DIY tree removal is dangerous, especially if the tree in question is huge. This is one of those cases where you should let a professional tree removal company like Johnson's Tree Service & Stump Grinding handle it.