If your lawn is quickly taken over by weeds or looks more like a desert in the winter months, it is time to let a lawn service give it the right treatments. Your lawn will be green and weed free all year with selective weed control treatments and techniques like overseeding. Here are some tips to ensure your lawn is green and healthy all year:

1. Combating Spring and Summer Weed Invasions

During the spring and summer months, the problems you have in your lawn may vary. Weeds taking over are a constant battle that you will be facing. Selective weed control treatments are herbicide treatments that are designed to kill invasive weeds while having a minimal impact on your grass. Talk with a lawn care service about different options for weed control that will keep weeds out of your lawn without killing the grass. Weed control treatments will help prevent the weeds from taking over your lawn during the warmest months.

2. All Year Green with Overseeding With Different Grass Species

Part of the problem with your lawn maybe it being dead during the winter months. This is due to grass species that are active during the warm months of the year and dormant when the cold weather arrives. This problem can be solved by using simple overseeding techniques. With the overseeding, winter varieties of grass species like wheat. Overseeding will give you green grass when the warm species become dormant during the winter months.

3. Regular Fertilizer Treatments That Give You a Healthier Lawn

The grass in your lawn also needs the right amount of nutrients and water to ensure that it is healthy all year. Talk with a lawn care service about different options for fertilizer treatments for your lawn and soil in your landscaping. You may want to have a slow release fertilizer treatment if you have poor quality soils. There are also other treatments that help your lawn, such as aeration and soil additives to help hold moisture. The lawn service can inspect your lawn and soil to determine the best treatments to ensure you have health grass all year.

These are some of the things that can be done to ensure you have a greener lawn all year lawn. If you are tired of your lawn being overtaken by weeds or dead in winter, contact a lawn care service and talk with them about some of these solutions. Contact a company like Ross Tree Company for more information and assistance.