Do you own a home with one or more trees in the yard? Do you know how to tell if those trees are healthy or if they need to be removed? When you look at a tree, it's easy to assume that it is healthy simply because it has leaves growing at the appropriate time of year. However, tree health can be complicated at times. While you should consult with a professional first to find out if your tree is in need of removal or if it may need to be removed soon, there are still a few things you can look for yourself. These include:

Fungus growth: In general, there are two different types of fungi or mushrooms: ones that grow only on plant matter that is already dead and ones that grow on living trees or plants and kill them. While there are a few species of mushroom that grow on trees and that do little to no harm to the tree itself, these are less common and seeing mushroom growths on a tree is a good sign that you need to call in a tree removal expert. A professional arborist can tell you whether the tree is worth saving or if you should simply remove and replace it as soon as possible.

Crowded branches: Many trees need regular pruning or trimming in order to be able to reach their full potential. Without regular pruning or trimming, they may start to grow branches and limbs that crowd out or cause damage to older branches and limbs. While a crowded canopy isn't a guarantee that you are in need of tree removal, neglecting to at least have the tree trimmed properly will eventually result in the tree starting to "self-prune" and drop dead branches onto your home and the surrounding property. Having to deal with this situation can cause the tree to weaken and be more likely to die relatively suddenly.

Woodpecker visits: Although woodpeckers do drill into trees to communicate, a more likely cause of frequent woodpecker visits is an insect infestation of some kind. Check your tree for holes that are spaced somewhat regularly and that cover a substantial portion of the trunk. This is a good sign that your tree is home to termites or beetles of some kind. In some instances, the trees can be treated and will recover relatively easily. For heavy infestations, tree removal is the only answer that will save the surrounding trees and get rid of the insects in question.

Contact a tree removal service for more information and assistance.