If you would like to hang Halloween bags that are filled with treats from the branches of a small oak tree growing in your front yard and surround the tree with festive items, the following trimming and decorating tips can be used. On the night of Halloween, don a costume and sit down in a chair that is next to the tree and instruct trick or treaters to help themselves to the bags that are on display.


  • garden gloves
  • pruners
  • bypass shears
  • stepladder
  • plastic Halloween bags
  • small pieces of candy
  • ribbon
  • hole puncher
  • twine or ornament hooks
  • costume
  • chair
  • carved pumpkins
  • battery-operated lights
  • Halloween music
  • portable stereo

Remove Dead Limbs And Trim Overgrown Branches

Walk around the perimeter of the tree while inspecting branches for damage. If any branches are cracked or in danger of falling from the tree, use a pair of pruners or bypass shears to clip the ends of them until they can easily be pulled loose by hand. Make a minimal amount of cuts through branches so that areas pruned will heal properly.

Never cut branches vertically through the wood. Instead, opt to cut branches so that the ends of them are slightly angled. If branches are overgrown, remove excess weight by trimming the ends of them. Remove branches from the ground and place yard materials in a container designated for composting. 

Prepare Candy Bags And Hang Them From The Limbs

Purchase plastic candy bags that have a Halloween-themed picture printed on each of them. Add small pieces of candy to each bag. Use strips of bright-colored ribbon to secure the top of each bag. Use a hole punching tool to create a hole through the top of each bag. Use short pieces of twine or ornament hooks to secure bags to the ends of the oak tree's branches. Place bags around the tree in an even manner and avoid hanging bags from branches that will be too high for children to reach.

Put On A Costume, Set Up A Chair, And Arrange Decorations

Put on a festive costume that will not be likely to scare trick or treaters. Place a chair underneath or next to the oak tree. Set carved pumpkins next to the base of the tree and add a battery-operated light to each one so that trick or treaters will be able to see you and the tree as they approach your property. Play Halloween music on a portable stereo. On Halloween, allow each visitor to select a bag and remove it from the tree. 

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