With the storms that have recently caused damage in a lot of areas, homeowners are left with a mess to cleanup. Some of the debris is from trees that have been damaged or fallen during heavy winds. Dealing with the waste may be something that you want to consider. Rather than taking tree waste to a landfill, you can use it for different things like mulch or compost. You may even want to use timbers from tree waste materials. Here are some ideas to consider for dealing with tree waste after storm damage or tree removal:

1. Using Your Tree Waste as Mulch and Compost Materials

When a storms cause damage to trees, much of the waste is small materials. The best option for dealing with the smaller materials is to put them in a wood chipper. The smaller materials with leaves are a great resource for adding to a compost pile. For the larger materials, clean off the leaves and bark before putting them through the wood chipper to give you a clean mulch material that you can use for ground cover in various areas of your landscaping.

2. Making Use of The Biomass Materials as A Heating Fuel

Tree waste is a biomass material that can be used as a form of energy. This is as simple as cutting the tree debris into firewood and using it in a fireplace or wood burning stove. There are also options to use materials like hardwoods as a fuel for outdoor cooking in grills and smokers. Some homeowners that have biomass boilers for heating, may be able to use the tree debris as fuel materials. If you have a lot of hardwood debris like oak, you can cut it into firewood and sell it to people that heat their homes during the winter with fireplaces or stoves.

3. Using Large Tree Waste as A Timber Material for Projects

There is also often larger tree waste debris, which cannot be put in a wood chipper. For this larger debris, one option is to use it as firewood. There is also the option of using the timber materials for projects like rustic landscaping boarders or fencing. With a chainsaw mill, you can even cut the timber into usable lumber that can be used for various types of woodworking projects around your home. To ensure timber materials last longer, remove the bark and store it a cool, dry area.

These are some of the different options you have for dealing tree waste. If you need help with dealing with damage or tree debris, contact a tree service, like Tielis Tree Service, to help with some of these improvements.