Storms can do a surprising amount of damage to trees. A lightning strike can split a tree or cause it to burn. However, the wind is a serious danger as well. Wind can uproot a healthy tree and cause limbs to fall off weakened trees. If your trees were damaged in a storm, it's a good idea to call in a tree professional to prune them so they stay healthy. You may even need to have some trees cut down completely and removed from your property. Here are some types of storm damage that can occur and how a tree service may fix the problems.

Damaged Branches Are Pruned

Strong winds may leave your yard cluttered with small branches and twigs. However, some larger branches may snap but not fall from the tree. These should be pruned to protect the health of the tree. Wind tends to shred the bark when it twists branches in the wind. The injured bark has to be cut off or it could allow insects to infest the tree or fungal infections to set in. The tree professional has to take care in cutting off large damaged limbs because it might affect how the weight of the tree is distributed. A complete assessment of the tree must be done first to determine the best way to repair the storm damage.

Leaning Or Fallen Trees Are Removed

Strong, steady wind and rain that loosens the soil can cause a tree to pop out of the ground and fall over. This often happens when trees are full of leaves because the canopy acts as a sail that increases the force of the wind. Sometimes, the tree may not come completely out of the ground, but you may notice it leaning. You may also see one side of the tree has pulled out of the soil. This situation should be examined by a professional because the tree will probably have to be removed. The tree will be cut into smaller sections and lifted with a crane onto a truck for removal. If a stump is still in the ground, it can be removed with a stump grinder to totally eliminate traces of the tree.

Split Trees Are Braced

If you have a tree that is split due to lightning or high wind and you don't want to lose it, a tree professional might be able to save the tree by securing the split limb to a stable limb with a cable. This is not always the best choice. If the damage is too severe, the limb may need to be cut off or the tree may need to be cut down. However, if the split is a mild one, bracing and cabling the tree could save it so you don't lose a beautiful, mature tree from your yard.

The tree service should also inspect your tree for signs of damage that may cause a problem later. This could include limbs that rub together when the wind blows and cause the bark to scrape away. This damage could weaken the health of the tree, so you may want to monitor it closely for signs of weakness and dying branches. The service may also recommend pruning some of the branches so the canopy of the tree isn't as full and so branches don't scrape each other in the next storm. Contact a service, like A Advanced Tree Service, for more help.