This holiday season, transform your front yard into a winter wonderland by trimming evergreen trees, decorating their branches with homemade ornaments, and adding strands of icicle lights and faux snow around the trees by completing the project below. Well-manicured trees and colorful decorations will increase the curb appeal of your property and may turn quite a few heads as people approach your home.


  • aluminum or wooden ladder
  • padded gloves
  • lopping shears
  • pruners
  • trash bag
  • large shovel
  • mulcher
  • plastic sheeting
  • foam shapes
  • glue
  • glitter
  • nail
  • hammer
  • spool of ribbon
  • scissors
  • colored light strings
  • icicle light strings
  • wooden stakes
  • power supply
  • bag of plastic snow
  • large shovel

Provide Trees With A Symmetrical Shape

Mentally visualize how you would like to shape each evergreen tree. If you would like the trees to have the shape of a Christmas tree that would typically be found inside of a home during the holidays, plan on tapering each tree's branches so that the top parts of the trees are pointed and the bottom of the trees contain longer branches that provide the bases with a lush appearance.

Stand on a ladder to reach the top of each tree. Use lopping shears to trim thin branches and pruners to cut through branches that are thick. Bag up branches and dispose of them or place the branches in a mulcher if you would like to shred the wood and foliage into smaller pieces that can be used as mulch.

Hang Ornaments And Lights On Trees

Place foam shapes on a piece of plastic sheeting. Apply glue to the outside of each foam piece and sprinkle glitter over the top of each ornament. Gently shake the ornaments to eliminate excess glitter. Wait for the glue to dry. Use a hammer to drive a nail through the top of each ornament so that a hole is formed in the foam. Remove the nail and repeat the process with the remaining ornaments. Insert pieces of ribbon through the holes.

Tie the ribbon pieces around tree branches to secure the ornaments. Drape strings of colored holiday lights around alternate branches on each tree. Plug the power cords that are connected to the lights into an outdoor electrical socket.

Add Icicle Lights And Faux Snow

Insert several wooden stakes into the ground that is directly in front of the trees. Leave a few feet in between adjacent stakes. Drape strings of icicle lights around the stakes and plug each light string's power cord into a socket. Open a bag of plastic snow flakes and sprinkle the flakes across the property that surrounds each tree. Use the back of a large shovel to spread the snow flakes out. Contact a tree service company, like Destiny's Tree Service LLC, for more help.