Trees can be one of the best ways to add character and depth to a landscape. They are majestic and beautiful, but they can also become a major hazard. You will often see a tree that has grown out over a home or a power line, and this is extremely dangerous. If you have a tree that is a hazard to you and your property, it is important to call a tree service as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you may just have an accident occur. Here are a few things that you can expect to happen when you hire a tree-removal service.


One of the first things that a tree-removal specialist will do is come to your property and look at the trees that are a hazard to your family and property. They need to get a good idea of the size and angle of the tree. They also want to look at the health of the tree and see if it is in danger of falling sooner than expected. This will allow the specialist to create a plan of how to extract the tree. He or she will also ask you if you want your tree trimmed or if you want the tree removed. 

Tree Removal

It can be amazing to see a tree-removal specialist go to work on a tree. If the tree is tall and in danger of falling on anything, the specialist will use a boom to allow him or her to tie off the limbs as they are being cut. They will start high, and go lower and lower until the tree is no longer a threat. Depending on how big and complicated the tree is, the removal process can take an entire day. 

Stump Removal

When you talk with the tree-removal service company, you want to know exactly what their services involve. You may need to pay extra for the stump removal and for the specialist to haul the tree off. However, you may also talk with tree-removal companies that include everything in their service. Once the tree is down, you will want to have the stump either killed and removed, or ground down beneath the grass line. If you need to remove the tree, you will want to do it as soon as possible, so it does not kill your grass. If your tree-removal company does it for you, then you are set.