Trees have a way of cropping up wherever and growing their own way. In nature, that is fine. In your yard, it is not. Assault with a tree is no laughing matter. It can happen, and you need to know the warning signs of a dangerous deciduous, and how to deal with it to avoid death and destruction.

The Tree Leans To The Side

A tree that does not stand fully upright is not a tree you want hanging around. These trees will only continue to grow taller and add more weight to the leaning side. Left to grow this way, it will eventually uproot itself, fall over and crush everything in its path. Take it out before it takes you or your neighbors out.

The Tree Has a Long, Heavy Limbs 

Lightning, like trees, does not care where it goes. That said, a long, heavy limb leaning out over a roof is a destructive accident waiting to happen. If lightning strikes the limb, or if powerful winds shake that tree hard enough to crack the limb, guess where that limb is going? Yes, it is going right through the roof underneath it. Worse yet, if that roof is not yours, you are going to have a lot of financial worries you do not need that could have been solved by cutting off the limb or removing the entire tree.

A Dead Tree Is Still Deadly

A dead tree can still maim, destroy, and bring death to you. In fact, a dead tree could be more deadly than a living one. Dead trees no longer need water or moisture, so the wood gets very dry. Very dry wood cracks and falls apart faster. When it does, the parts of the tree begin to fall off all around, landing wherever they may. It is as though the tree has become some sort of zombified tree, tearing through and killing things as it goes. Do not hold onto a "zombie tree." Get rid of it via a dangerous tree removal service as fast as you can.


Dead or dying trees also invite pests over for a meal. While woodpeckers help round up the usual pest suspects, not even woodpeckers can sheriff the number of insect pests living in a dead or dying tree. That means that as soon as the tree has been consumed, the pests will head for another tree or the house (e.g., termites). Removing the tree removes the pests and the potential for greater destruction of your home.

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